First. Let's define it.

Omnichannel - A Patient or HCP centric campaign that serves the right content, at the right time, via the right medium - delivering a seamless and connected audience experience via a holistic approach. An omnichannel campaign usually follows through different engagement touchpoints of a customer journey for example Awareness, Engagement and Advocate.

Multichannel - A campaign where the content is chosen based on the medium, and often unconnected. For example: Sales/Customer-facing team content vs Web content vs Ad content.

All Omnichannel experiences will use multiple channels, but not all Multichannel experiences are Omnichannel.

Considerations for
an Omnichannel campaign


Website & Mobile App

Create a dedicated, informative, and user-friendly website for the illness. Use patient stories supported by HCP advice for diagnosis and support. Consider using video storying telling to help simplify complex medical terminology and build patient understanding. Video content can work very well for quickly sharing supportive information. Include a section for HCPs, offering resources such as research data, treatment guidelines, and downloadable materials for their patients.

Consider a mobile app for patients and HCPs. The app could offer features like medication reminders, blood pressure tracking, lifestyle tips, and access to educational resources. Additionally, the app can provide HCPs with a platform to monitor their patients' progress and communicate with them securely.

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