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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing

Having worked with clients in this sector for over 20 years, we have expert knowledge of the unique compliance laws that apply in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing communications in Ireland.

We specialise in HCP engagement campaigns using the latest online technologies. From websites and apps, to branded studios for live or prerecorded presentations by KOLs, panel discussions, interviews and podcasts. Our engagement healthcare campaigns will engage, entertain and educate your audience, on a continual basis, helping to build a loyal following for your communications.

For Disease Awareness Campaigns, we move from the seed of initial creative concepts, rolling it out into a full funnel strategy, to include corporate identity, logo and packaging design, all the way to fully measurable mass media campaigns. For multinational brands with pre-existing campaigns, we can carry out brand localisation for the Irish market, giving it more local appeal and ensuring Irish compliance standards are met.
Our Patient Support and OTC campaigns span web and app design development to tradeshow plans, from concept stand creation in 3D, to pull ups and video reels, always using original creative design.

NOTE: PANACEA is our own imaginary healthcare brand. We use it as an example to show all of the different elements that we can work with for your specific healthcare campaign requirements.

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